GST Return Filing

    GST Return Filing

    About the Service: If you Purchase, You will Get
    GSTR 1 Filing GSTR 3 B Filing Dedicated GST Advisor
    GST Due Date Reminders Monthly GST Report ITC Reconciliation

    Documents Required:   

    • Purchase Detail or Purchase Invoices.
    • Sale Detail or Sale Invoices

    How Our Team Work:

    • Outsource your GST compliance to Easy Taxlok to ease your compliance burden and focus your efforts on growing your business. 
    • Our Expert will be here to reduce your Headache and you will be more focused to make your Startup to Unicorn level.
    • When you will purchase our Services, a dedicated professional will be in touch with you to get Sale & Purchase data.
    • Sale and purchase data can be sent through email id or you can upload it on our web portal.
    • Our Professionals will analyze all the Sale-Purchase detail, ITC reconciliation and other relevant documents and data provided by you.
    • A summary of all the data with Tax Payment Challan (if any) or ITC balance (if any) will be sent to you for final confirmation.
    • After your confirmation, our professional will submit & file your GST returns and send you the submitted final returns.
    • Our Professional will also assist you to make GST payment through challan (if you face any difficulty).

    FAQs on our GST Return filing Services


    1)How will the service be delivered?

    You will have a dedicated GST Professional assigned to your business. Each month, the Professional will collect all the information and file your GST returns.

    2)Will You provide free consultation after/before purchasing services?

    Yes, we will provide you Free Consultation services through our Toll Free Number 18003092424 and through our WhatsApp Number 07618131212 between 10A.M. to 09P.M. Fell free to consult our experts related to any Business or Tax related queries.

    3)How will the information or documents be collected?

    You can send us the information through email in any platform or upload the information on our web portal. We also accept soft copy of invoices and purchase & sale data.

    4)What returns will be filed?

    We will file GSTR-3B return and GSTR-1 return for regular taxpayers registered under GST. For composition dealers we will assist in filing CMP 08 (Quarterly Return) & GSTR-4 (Annual Return). 

    5)What will be my responsibility?

    You will only be responsible for providing the information or documents required to prepare your GST return. Once we have prepared the filing, you can verify the calculation and confirm the filing.

    6)Will you provide support for GST input tax credit?

    Yes, we will provide you input tax credit reconciliation. You can use the same to verify the input tax credit receivable for your business.

    7)Will you provide support for GST refund?

    Yes, for clients who subscribe to our GST return filing annual package, we provide support for GST refund processing.

    8)Will you provide support for GST payment?

    Yes, for clients who subscribe to our GST return filing package, we provide support for GST payment challan generation.

    9)Documents Required for GST Return Filing?

    • If you have accounting software: Provide the detail of Sale and Purchase from this software in excel format or Provide exported CSV or JSON file of GSTR1 & GSTR 3B or Provide any other file having Sale/Purchase detail exported from the software.
    • If you have not any accounting software: Provide below mentioned data/documents
      1) Purchase Invoices for the corresponding Month/Quarter
      2) Sale Invoices for the corresponding Month/Quarter
      3) Expenses/Assets Purchase invoices having ITC

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    GST Return Filing

    What is GST return filing?

    Businesses that are registered under GST have to file the GST returns monthly, quarterly, and annually based on the business. Here it is necessary to provide the details of the sales or purchases of the goods and services along with the tax that is collected and paid. Implementation of a comprehensive Income Tax System like GST in India has ensured that taxpayer services such as registration, returns, and compliance are in range and perfectly aligned. An individual taxpayer filing the GST returns has to file 4 forms for filing the GST returns such as the returns for the supplies, returns for the purchases made, monthly returns, and the annual returns. GST return filing in India is mandatory for all the entities that have a valid GST registration irrespective of the business activity or the sales or the profitability during the period of filing the returns. Hence, even a dormant business that has a valid GST registration must file the GST returns. GST return is a document that contains the details of all the income or the expenses that a taxpayer is required to file with the tax administrative authorities.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Who should file the GST returns?

    GST Return filing in India is to be done by the following:
    • A person having a valid GSTIN has to compulsorily file the GST returns.
    • Also, a person whose annual turnover is crossing Rs. 40 lakh (GOODS) and Rs. 20 Lakh (Services) has to obtain a GST registration and file the GST returns mandatorily.
    • In the cases of Special states, the limit for the annual turnover is Rs.10 lakh.

    Type of GST Returns & Due Date

    Regular GST Scheme
    GSTR 1: The 11th of Subsequent of that month
    GSTR 3B: The 20th of that subsequent month
    GSTR 9: 31st December of the Fiscal year.
    GSTR 9C: 31st December of the Fiscal year.

    Composition GST Scheme
    CMP 08: 18th of the month succeeding the quarter of the specific fiscal year.
    GSTR 4: 18th of the month succeeding the quarter.

    Non Residential Taxable Person
    GSTR 5: 20th of the subsequent month

    Input Service Distributor
    GSTR 6: 13th of the subsequent month

    Government Authorities
    GSTR 7: 10th of the subsequent month

    E Commerce Operator
    GSTR 8: 10th of the subsequent month

    After Cancellation and Surrender of registration
    GSTR 10: Within 3 months of the date of cancellation or the date of cancellation order whichever is earlier.

    UIN Holder and claiming Refund
    GSTR 11: 28th of the month that is following the month for which the statement was filed.
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    GSTR 1 & GSTR 3B Requirements

    Proprietorship Requirements